Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hey guys! CBS here.

Etsy for Charity; Hand-making a difference is:
A group of people wanting to help with their current day and age. is a site where people who hand-make items whether it be crafts/art/photography/etc can find a home to sell in. Crafting makes us feel good; and so does donating to our community.
Every month we pick a new charity from a list of many that each member has decided to sponsor. These are put in a bowl, messed about, and I select 3 from the bowl. These 3 then get voted upon by the rest of the members and whoever get the most votes.. wins for that month. Then when a new month comes around it happens all over again :). Gives everyone a fair share to helping out with what they want to.
Some may choose to send items ( when appropriate ) and others may pick to send a % of their profits to it.

Calendar of Events:
March 10th - have your 3 charities e-mailed to me.
March 11th - I announce the 3 random winners.
March 12th-18th - Voting in the forums for which charity takes place.
March 20th - Decision of charity announced.
April 1st - shops open/announce their monthly sale.
April 5th - Newsletter is sent out.
April 20th - Mid-month meeting in forums. check progress etc.
April 28th - Sales for that charity close.
April 29th-1st - Sellers e-mail me their results.

and repeat.

If you want to join the group or be on our mailing list of items the group is selling to help each charity, or to just see what we're doing each month please e-mail:

thanks :)


Anonymous said...

CBS, this is wonderful! I wonder if you'd rather make those dates 'the first Friday of every month' reather than a specific date, so you don't have to change that so often. This looks great! I can't wait to see how we do in April!

Will you post something that talks about the April charity?

Good luck everyone! Let's raise some money! Smiles, joanne

Anonymous said...

It is surprising what people can do when they get together. A street team and now a newletter...way to go. I will not be participating in April but I will be there for the next month

fairyduck said...

Thankyou for loggin onto the Fairy Duck Project. The pattern and instructions are now online if you would like to contribute a Fairy Duck or two it would be lovely.
Really enjoyed the concept that you are using for you craft and charity. Great site.

Precious Quilts said...

What a wonderful idea! It is always nice to give back something, isn't it!

I was wondering how it would work for someone outside the US? Obviously, the charities would be different and then there is the cost of transportation etc.

CagedBirdSings said...

Precious quilts:

one of the main ringleaders lives in Singapore so we're plenty welcome for int'l members. We try and get international charities so that you can donate without horrendous costs etc