Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drumroll please....

We have our first featured Etsy for Charity shop to share with you!! :) Read on to find out more about CagedBirdSings (

1) What is your shop name, and why did you choose it?
CagedBirdSings - I chose it because of a paper I had written ages ago (long before that book came out and stole my title) for my English professor. I had basically said in the essay that I found out the reason why caged bird's still find the will to sing. :) I stick with great ideas I think up for myself ;)

2) Where are you located?
Denver, Colorado - I attend school in Greeley, CO

3) What charities do you support with your shop?
I actually run a group called EtsyForCharity (surprise!! :D). I also run a group called KnitForNeighbors- dedicated to getting scarves to the Denver Homeless. We delivered scarves once already and it made me feel AMAZING. I run the shop on etsy- selling scarves that go to buying yarn, which make scarves, which get shipped to the homeless :). I also contribute to Amnesty International and World Vision. Both amazing charities.

4) Do you participate in any other groups, and if so, which ones?
EtsyOWLS!!!! They made me an admin not too long ago and I have SO much fun in the group. Its based on people from all over, with all different medias and we have weekly challenges that members are able to participate in. Its been a BLAST.

I'm also a part of CGGE- who rock hard as well :).

5) What's the one material your shop can't live without?
Glass. I seriously can't comprehend not having the colors dancing through my room. My windchimes would be NOTHING without the colors and music that the glass brings :).

6) What is your favorite item that you have purchased off of Etsy?
oh gosh.
ButterflyMoon is a close friend and has made AMAZING things. I don't usually buy things for myself on etsy albeit beads. but this is one of my favorite necklaces:

and my other good friend- Emmommy made an amazing pendant just for me of my favorite artist... and .. well... I love it to pieces.

7) When you aren't being a "Super(wo)man of crafting," what is your "Clark Kent" dayjob?
School and being a receptionist. Life is tough. but. I think I see my symbol in the sky!

8) If I could sell one item from my shop today, it would be...
A windchime :). I always do this goofy dance and call and e-mail everyone within a few states about the news. I'm crazy. But I love that others feel the same about my chimes like I do.

9) If I had enough money to buy one item from another Etsy for Charity members' store, it would be...
I really love LeeLooStudio.
and these of hers:
those are far out cool :).

10) If you had 30 seconds to give an impromptu infomercial on your Etsy store, what would you say?
Caged Bird Sings is a place where you can be young again- Windchimes bring about this kind of magical feeling like you're in a secret garden, listening to whispered tales of far off places. I see the world in color and I adore it. Note that you're just not buying a chime for your home or decor; but you're buying a piece of a secret wonder, held trapped in singing pieces of glass.

11) What are your top 4 favorite items currently listed in your store?

What mvegan5 thinks of CagedBirdSings Store:
I love that cagedbirdsings is such a giving and involved crafter and member of the etsy community. I think that her glass pieces are fun, unique, and whimsical ;) My favorite item from her shop is the Lonely Dreamer windchime, it has my favorite colors, aqua and blue, and is so fun and cheerful!

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