Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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Read on to find out more about Creations4Causes:

1) What is your shop name, and why did you choose it?
It actually took me a little while to warm up to Etsy. I was more of an Etsy-stalker at first, browsing through stores and trying to decide if I would want to participate. But I fell in love with so many things, and I just had to join in! I knew I wanted to donate some profit to charity, and tried several combinations (including CharityCrafts, crafts4charity, crafts4causes, and creations4charity) before sticking with Creations4Causes. I thought it gave me artistic freedom with the items I sold, as well as let people know that we supported several causes through our store.

2) Where are you located?
Bellevue, Nebraska and Omaha, Nebraska (which are basically the same place)

3) What charities do you support?
This year, we are supporting four major charities: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Institute, Cellphones for Soldiers, and the Nebraska Humane Society. Each has a special meaning for us which is why we chose them.

4) Do you participate in any other groups, and if so, which ones?
We are definitely active on Etsy! :) We love Etsy for Charity, and are also involved with the Omaha Etsy Street Team (an Omaha, NE group), EtsyHookers (an Etsy team composed of crocheting and knitting fanatics), and EcoEtsy (an environmental Etsy team). Additionally, we try to participate in BNR/BNKO promotions, and are currently listed in this fantastic BNKO that has already had 144 sales:

5) What's one material your shop can't live without?
Definitely YARN! Though lately we have been working with a lot of polymer clay, my first passion was always crocheting, and it's something I do whenever I need to relax.

6) What is your favorite item that you have purchased off of Etsy?
Hmmmm... it's so hard to pick a favorite! I think it would probably be these beautiful earrings that I bought from crystalvibe:

7) When you aren't being a "Super(wo)man of crafting," what is your "Clark Kent" day job?
There are three crafters in our store right now. I work at an art, teacher, and toy store called Arts&Minds, where I am a shift manager. My husband works for a company called Conductix, building festoons and things. Finally, my mother is a teacher for Mt. Calvary Lutheran School.

8) If I could sell one item from my shop today, it would be...
I would love it if I could sell this adorably functional purse!

9) If I had enough money to pick one item on my wishlist from another Etsy for Charity members' store to buy, it would be...
Everything! ;) lol. But I guess I if I have to just pick one, I would probably go for these fantastic earrings because I am an earring fanatic:

10) If you had 30 seconds to give an impromptu infomercial on your store, what would you say?
Help yourself while helping others by buying from Creations4Causes! 15% of profit is donated to charity and there are a variety of different products to choose from. Buy now and help us hand-make a difference!

11) What are your top four favorite items currently listed in your store?
1. This beautiful black and maroon date night purse, crocheted with some chenille yarn, is perfect for a night out!
2. Anyone looking for supplies would love this destash from my shop!
3. Nothing is cuter than this colorful pink hat and scarf set (and it's modeled by Tigger!)!
4. These beads turned out so awesomely - I can't wait to see how a fellow Etsian will use them!

What Ayanacreations thinks of Creations4Causes' store:

What I like about Creations4Causes Store is that each piece is unique. There are items that have a dual function, which is perfect for me so that I won't have to buy too many things. I can get it all in one. My favorite item from Creations4Causes Store is the Bird and Nest Polymer Clay Red White and Blue Buttons. I'm going through a button phase right now and I love the uniqueness of these buttons. I really like that each button is different than the others.

**If you would like to have your shop featured in our Etsy for Charity blog, please convo Creations4Causes on the Etsy site, or leave Creations4Causes a message on her Etsy for Charity profile page.**


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