Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Featured Shop: !!

1) What is your shop name, and why did you choose it?

My shop name is, I chose that name because it defines me..It is simple and I like using the z in my tag line..Simple but true..

2) Where are you located?

I am located in beautiful NJ, very close to NYC

3) What charities do you support?

I support New Horizons in autism, Fran Dresher's Breast cancer charity, and I am very active in my local special needs Camp.

4) Do you participate in any other groups, and if so, which ones?

I am a proud member of The Etsy Artist Lounge,,a great group of talented people with one goal..To help each other..A I am also a member of etsyforautism.and the steampunk street group..I am very active in my community with special needs and breast cancer..I am also a Cheer Coach!

5) What's the one material your shop can't live without?

I could not live one day one one second without Precious Metal Clay..I love the freedom it allows me to create I can think outside the box and just create.

6) What is your favorite item that you have purchased off of Etsy?

This is tough,,Probably my new avatar and banner for my second shop,,, banner has my late mothers baby pic in it and I love the way the banner represents what I wanted to do for my mother..Create a shop for her, her loves and be able to give back to the fight against breast cancer..I do not want one other person to suffer,,

7) When you aren't being a "Super(wo)man of crafting," what is your "Clark Kent" dayjob?

By day I take care of my three children ages 14, 12 and 9..My two boys are disabled one with Tourettes and one with Autism...and I am a stage mother to my 9 year old daughter who is an actress,,,And in my spare time I am a florist in a local flower shop,,,I am the wedding designer.

8) If I could sell one item from my shop today, it would be...

my " Lips by Lizzie" Brand new and i love them they are custom designed from a copy of your lips and then i hand draw and etch them into solid silver..I can make anyones lips,,they are all so different like fingerprints!

9) If I had enough money to pick one item on my wishlist from another Etsy for Charity members' shop to buy, it would be...

Tough one.Well may sound corny but I would buy something from every shop..I would support every Etsy for Charity's shop,,they all do such wonderful things I can't choose so I will take them all!!

10) If you had 30 seconds to give an impromptu infomercial on your store - what would it be?

Okay here's my infomercial: Stop by designzbylizzie at a great place to but original , handmade one of a kind solid silver jewelry,,,Everything is made from a thought and then created into silver...I want people to be happy when they wear my designz...And mostly have fun and take life with a grain of salt ,,Its too short to worry about the small stuff...So stop by and get your lips immortalized in silver!

11) What are your top four favorite items you have currently listed in your store?

My favorite items are my..Lips by Lizzie, God never made no junk,still my guitar gently weeps, and Crazy maddy,,

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you all its an honor to be a part of Etsy for Charity.If we all give a little of ourselves we can make the world a better place, one handmade piece at a time...Kisses Lizzie

What etsyforanimals thinks of designzbylizzie's shop:

I think designzbylizzie's shop is fun and creative, full of funky silver jewelry that would be great to wear! I love that this necklace was designed by her son and helps the cause of people with autism:

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